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Will Change Your Business & Life
We can confidently promise that when you join the mastermind you'll be able to significantly improve your business and life.

Here's just a few things you'll learn and experience as a member...
  • ​Experience massive, systematic growth in your life and your business
  • Learn the secrets behind building several top-producing teams, businesses, and products
  • Develop the mindset, motivation, and mental acuity to push through any struggles and complications in your business & life
  • ​Hone your leadership skills to train, retain, and replicate highly-skilled team members that work in your business
  • ​Dominate in every aspect of your business & life
Build Excellence
David Greene Team Mastermind members have already made amazing transformations in their business and in their lives.

They've been able to do this by applying the principles we taught them and they've been able to do that in well under a year's time!

Space is limited, so make sure you submit your application today!
Get the strategies, tactics, and connections to spark massive growth in your business, build an impactful brand, and set the standard for excellence in the business world.
Host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast
Featured Guest on HGTV and CNN
Best-Selling Real Estate Author


We're teaching you the skills & lessons that we've learned while running real businesses for the last decade. You'll learn from our wins & losses, so when you face tough situations, you'll know exactly how to power through them!

David Greene

Best Selling Author
David Greene Team CEO
Bigger Pockets Podcast Host

Kyle Renke

Mastermind COO
David Greene Team Leader


Learn from David Greene, Kyle Renke, and many of the world's top-producing & successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors LIVE, EVERY WEEK.


  • Connect: Get exclusive access to a network of high-achieving people. 
  • Learn: Gain access to video replays, bonus recordings, and exclusive audio and video content. 
  • Grow: Learn from other successful members and how they've overcome their difficulties and challenges.
Scale Up Your Life
Real estate investor, best-selling author, top producing realtor, and nationally recognized authority on real estate agent David Greene wants to help YOU grow your wealth and find success using the same tools he uses to crush his goals, beat the competition, and up-level his life.

Studies show that changing those you spend time with has a large impact on who you become as a person. If you want to see an increase in your personal success, it's important you spend time with those motivating you to up-level your life-as well as those modeling the life you want.

With this private group of driven, motivated and growth hungry people, you'll never leave the success milestones of your life to chance again. Learn the secrets, strategies, and techniques successful people use to achieve their goals and improve their financial positions within a community of like-minded people.

When are the live sessions?

The live video calls are held every Monday at 6pm PST.

How long are the live sessions?

The live video sessions usually run between 60-75 minutes.

What do the live sessions typically look like?

The live sessions typically rotate between high-achieving, successful entrepreneurs and influencers and mindset related topics with breakout discussions and action items within the group.

What if I can't make it to a live session?

The live video calls are recorded every week and you can watch the replay in the online community.

What do the bonus sessions look like?

Bonus sessions are held periodically during the week and increasing in frequency.  They typically consist of a "meet the member" session where other members can share their progress in their business and get feedback from other individuals in the group.

How will I get connected with others in the Mastermind?

When you first join the mastermind, we help you get connected in 3 ways:

1. You receive a free strategy with our onboarding concierge who will help you get immediately connected with 3 other members.
2. You will get to post an introduction and biography about yourself in the online community.
3. You will be introduced live on the next phone call for all the other members to meet you.

You also have the opportunity to create and form "pods" with other members for additional accountability and connection throughout the week.

Who is David Greene? Can I meet him?

David Greene is the CEO of The David Greene Team, Inc.  He's a top-producing real estate agent, best-selling author, host of the Bigger Pockets podcast, and has built several successful real estate related businesses.  This mastermind is not about "one person" or a "guru" leading others.  

David doesn't believe in "vertical leadership," but instead, he believes in "horizontal leadership."  This group is about being around other like-minded, high achieving individuals and helping the people who are below you, but also reaching up to be helped by the people who are ahead of you.

Is David Greene on the Zoom calls?  And how he is involved?

Yes, 4 times a year.

Given that David is the CEO of multiple top-producing businesses, he unfortunately doesn't have the time to be on every single phone call.  However, David provides tremendous value into this mastermind through:

-Booking highly successful and high achieving guests that he rubs shoulders with on a regular basis.
-Directing and producing quality content for the mastermind to be discussed through our calls.
-Joining our quarterly "Family Reunion" goal setting and vision casting sessions to share what
-Sharing exclusive content directly from David on the DGT Mastermind Online Community.

Who's in the DGT Mastermind?

Members of the DGT Mastermind call from all walks of life and different careers.  The common theme amongst all of our members are that they are looking to scale up their lives and businesses.  

Does the DGT Mastermind ever meet up in-person?

Due to COVID-19, the mastermind does not currently meet in-person.  However, as guidelines improve, the mastermind plans on holding live, in-person events and summits.

What's the commitment to join?

The commitment to join includes a 1-year membership.  Individuals who join the DGT Mastermind are committed to each other and to their goals. 
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